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MG & FLYLINE Products


It is fully automatic solar power conditioner capable of working both grid power as well as solar power ( hybrid system ). We have a 15 years experience in production and installation of solar inverter in Kerala.. You must need an advice from experienced technical support before installation, which will help you from unnecessary expenses and get complete solar power consumption. The products manufactured with super quality raw materials so as to assure our customers of our authenticity and reliability. Use of uninterrupted Solar power supply to save money. Normally the ON/OF switch is provided in the front panel.

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FDP Modular digital Over & Under Voltage Protector is self –healing phase failure and phase sequence for 3 phase protective relay and it’s a brand new germen technology equipment invented by Murickens group to protect household electrical devices .When we apply Flyline digital protector- It can quickly disconnect the power supply to protect the appliances when there is power interruption or the voltage exceeds of falls below the predetermined value.When the power supply recovers, Flyline protector automatically connects the power after 1-2 minutes delay.All the protective actions are automatically controlled and indications on its panel display show the working condition of the FDP.This FDP is maintaining Indian national quality standards, most excellent in performance and releability. It is very compact and convenient to use.

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Murickens Group has developed a fully automatic sine wave solar stand alone power generating system for the smooth working of our domestic and commercial, electric and electronic equipments of lower and higher capacity and we can even operate sophisticated equipments which need a continuous and constant output. It is the most suitable solar power generating unit for the climatic conditions of Kerala as we can connect Solar power as well as AC power according to our discretion and this system provides 24 hours continues power supply throughout the year. This independent whole power device consist of a solar ups, built in or external charge controller

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In the new scheme the individual household solar plants will give the KSEB board the excess electricity produced from the Flyline solar plant and in return the KSEB will pay you money. It will be possible by the installation of a new KSEB meter which will be provided by the KSEB, when you apply for the approval of Solar plants at home. There will not be any storage in this system so no batteries. In the morning if the electricity produced in the panels are excess the KSEB meter will reverse and take the excess electricity to the line and if the current produced in the panel is less the meter will provide the current needed by reversing the meter. Murickens providing on site installations and commissioning of these units all over kerala up to 100 KVA.

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In the case of conventional Grid Tied Inverters which are working without batteries, we can’t use even the available solar power during power failure and its installation requires prior permission and approval from KSEB. Flyline solar grid sharing system is an ideal for a category of power consumers like educational institutions, offices, shops etc, use a major percent of their total power consumption during day time. Our newly introduced Flyline battery less solar/mains compensation system is ideally suited for such consumers. This system has the advantages of ‘no battery’ over the conventional solar inverter system and ‘available solar power can be used’ over the grid tied inverter system.

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A photovoltaic module or photovoltaic panel is a combination of packed interconnected assembly of photovoltaic cells, also known as solar cells. With the help of Solar energy, a single photovoltaic module can produce a certain amount of wattage. Installations intended to produce larger electrical power capacity require an installation of several modules or panels and this is known as a photovoltaic array. The Photovoltaic electric cell uses the photovoltaic effect to generate electrical energy or the potential difference that producing between materials, when the surface of the cell is exposed to sun light solar radiation. In kerala climate 1000 W Solar solar panels can create between 4 Kwh to 4.5 Kwh electricity per day.

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The main advantage of the Solar DC Power System is that it is absolutely free from AC and electricity bill. It is also useful in places where there is no power - deserts, and ocean and imagine of places anywhere on earth where sun light is available. Made robust and weather proof to withstand heavy weather.Solar cells convert the solar light into direct current and charge the battery for storage. Solar DC gate light system one is used for dusk to down independent model like street light advertising board lights and garden lights. This unit consists of street light luminary with built in charging controller, storage battery and solar panel. Our product is IEC and ISO certified and as per MNRE spec.Flyline solar standalone independent street light system is available in 3 to 60 watts

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Power failure is most common in our daily life. In these days an unpredicted power failure can cost a days work and sometimes it can cost the downfall of an empire. To prevent from such a disaster we have developed our off line UPS system with sufficient response time so as not loose any data at any time.In this system, the load is normally on Main power supply. This may be regulated to some extent by an in-built voltage regulator. When Mains power fails, the inverter takes over and supplies power to the load while draining the battery. This is a cheap system for countering the power failure problem.

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